A rarely seen view of what's really happening. Water flow and pressure. Shot by Patrick Trefz, the Slip In single fin with negative cut tail and flex fin is effectively cutting through the water somewhere in Mexico. The negative cut in the tail creates an area with less capillary pressure along the tail outline allowing for the rail to easily engage and the board to turn in a way not often experienced on traditional single fins with more surface area around the fin. In an coordinated effort with the negative online the round tail, which in form and geometry mimics the tail of aquatic animals, engage at the tip with its thin rail that grabs the water and flex with the pressure from the back foot of the surfer for an smooth and easily turning board that grips in the most critical sections as shown in the post before with Eric Geiselman > Ridden here by Josh Mulcoy @joshmulcoy @patricktrefz @futuresfins @foxsurf @whoisjob @eric_geiselman @kellyslater @surfersjournal @micahlester @mackiedesigns #surforwrd

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